A Sanctuary For Your Rejuvenation, Healing And Balance... 
We Provide Specialized Care for People Seeking Relief From Painful Injuries

Air, water, and food are among our most vital needs.  Without any one of these basic elements, we suffer.  At Zenful Monkey we believe the same is true of touch.

When out of breath, thirsty, or hungry, we naturally breathe drink and eat to regain our comfort.  When stressed, tired, weak or in pain, therapeutic touch is the most natural source for bringing you back in balance.

At Zenful Monkey every guest is revered as a sacred being who has within themselves, the tools and resources to heal.

We are honored that we provide more then just a massage. We provide a sanctuary for your rejuvenation, healing and balance.

Auto Injury Recovery Massage

Zenful Monkey Holistic Massage will
 bill auto insurance companies on your behalf with zero out of pocket expense if you are involved in
a motor vehicle accident (MVA).

You may rest assured that our trained and highly skilled massage therapists will provide you with the best treatment massage to help you recover quickly and safely.

We will create a proper treatment plan that will address your specific injuries at the core and not just mask your symptoms with temporary relief.

Getting your recovery treatment massage through Zenful Monkey is beneficial in speeding up your recovery, reducing time and wages lost from not being at work, and helping to eliminate the pain and misery from your sustained injuries. 

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